Adlantic is changing

Vacation is over in Sweden and we have a new management in place at Ad Lantic Media AB. New CEO is Fredrik Kilian who is one of the founder of Ad Lantic Media AB. We will do some minor changes in the business setup and we hope it will have a positive effect for both customer and publisher. We will also focus a lot more on how to integrate the response media into smartphones during q3 and q4!

We are hiring

We are looking for a result oriented person with a passion for sales. Young or old doesn’t matter as long as you love sales. Get in touch here if you want to know more.

Adlantic is growing

We are not only getting new customers and publishers, our staff team is also growing. Our latest addition is a new KAM seller, Hans Andersson, who has come over from the customer side with a great understanding of our customers’ processes and business models, and how we can best help you. Our new deputy CEO, Christopher Holmerin, comes from the publisher side with sound knowledge of digital media and business development. Christopher has innovative ideas of how we can help you find new presumptive customers and how to save time and money from our specialist knowledge of email marketing and the optimising of databases like website traffic. Our new colleagues will add another dimension to Adlantic’s offer and our exciting market.

See yout at Guldnyckeln!

Tomorrow, Thursday 21 March, I hope to meet you at SWEDMA’s annual event, Guldnyckeln. This is the first time that Adlantic has exhibited. Stop off at our stand. See you at the Globe Annex
21 March 2013

Welcome to new Adlantic

Fantastic customers and publishers. Potential and inquisitive, presumptive partners. Sector colleagues. Generally inquisitive. You are all welcome to Adlantic’s new website. I hope you like what you find there and it helps you discover how we can help you in a quicker, simpler and more pleasurable way. Adlantic strives to help companies working on the consumer market improve their sales through digital DM. Either by selling more of their company’s products or services through our consumer databases. And/or make more money from the members and the traffic you manage yourself. How can we be of more assistance? Get in touch for a more lucrative tomorrow.