Make more money from your digital channels

Adlantic helps media owners to make more money from their digital channels. We know email marketing inside out and how to generate new income from existing traffic without encroaching on existing advertising space. We also know how you can capitalise and optimise the earning capacity of your email addresses and how to build member databases with potential into further earnings.
Do you operate in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland and would like to know more?

Do you operate in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland and would like to know more?


As a publicist with Adlantic you get to work with one of the market's best systems. You get access to selected and well-thought-out advertising campaigns directed at the consumer market. You can follow our campaign in real time. The system contains key ratios for all campaigners who help you to estimate your earnings. You get paid well and can follow the invoicing on your account.

This is what some of our publicists say about the advantages of collaborating with Adlantic:
”Quick and correct payments”
”Knowledgeable support”
”Good commissions”
”User-friendly system”
”Personal service”
”Transparent system”

To be added to Adlantic's publicist network you have to share Adlantic's core values on transparency and clarity. You are keen for everybody on the chain to achieve good results. If you work from your own database it has to be compiled with opt-in and the dispatches you make have to comply with the Swedish Personal Data Act and Market Practices Act.
Publicists, large or small, are important for us and our advertisers. We are interested in publicist collaborations that span many different target audiences. The size of database or website has no significance.

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